BPSFW 2014 – “Wear your sexy shape”, bits & pieces.

This is the second blog and a bit and a piece of what the weekend invites you to see.
This one is “Wear Your Sexy Shape!”


“The perfect shapewear, lingerie and swimwear can be a jungle sometimes, and we will do our best to guide you trough. Maybe you find some inspiration in what to wear for your sexy shape”.
BPSFW creative Team.

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Shapewear is not a new thing, it has been around for decades and we simply just love it!.. 20140111-120513.jpg







Lingerie is a girls musthave to every occasion. A womans body need laze
and silk.






Feeling the beach







Models – The sweet “child”, that got one name too many!

Plussize models, curvy models or simply just models.
Listed is some of the model “categorize”, and I really do understand if some get a bit confused..

– Skinny model

– Plus size model

– Curvy model

– Inbetweenie model

I mean:
A policeman is a policeman

A makeup artist is a makeup artist

A banker is a banker

And a model is a model!

I have never heard about a plus size police officer or a skinny makeup artist, nor have I heard about the curvy banker..


I believe we all can see that some models got curves and some don´t have that many, but models is not just a product for the industry to “use” or a way to manifest creativity.. A models work is much more and have a major impact on the society, especially teenagers and young women. The more impact a model have in her beauty and fashion, she do the job she’s suppose to.
We can deny that fact or finally accept that’s how it is – It’s simpel!


What we do inside the fashionworld, so everybody get the oppertunity to feel beautiful and be fashionable is our profession, and at Peepers Denmark we believe in a healthier fashion industry, and we believe that healthy has many sizes and shapes. Healthy is not something you can measure up just like that, but something you can see and feel. Being healthy is a lifestyle, and not a size, being healthy is a decision and not a decision for us to make, but inspirer you to do so, if you feel it’s needed!
But being a woman and curvy is really not a lifestyle or something you choose – It comes from nature itself. Women are born to get curves!

So new mindset and the opportunity to see a fashion world with colors, shapes, healthyere, with no bounderies in beauty and fashion. With an fashionindustry that want’s to show and inspirer, instead of putting people into boxes with labels like: Skinny, semi fat or fat.

One day, it´s going to be what we wish for and work so hard for. A fashionindustry with “just” models and a industry with a positive impact, a healthy impact without any labels in what beauty is and who fashion is for.

Thank you models, for “fighting”, we are proud working with you!!


Its saturday and I’m sitting in my kitchen with my weekend coffee and listening to the music that we are going to play in the fashion shows in London feb. 2014 at BPSFW. In my listening I do some thoughts about how situations, visions and words form certain persons, can have so much influence and impact. Today it leads to one of the most, if not thé most powerful woman inside the world of fashion.. Anna Wintour!

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is one visionary woman, who is dedicated in a way you only can admire and yet some would so “harshly” say, that she came off as a shrewd businesswoman who knows her stuff. And if you stand in the box with no opinion and in the box of moral absolutism, you will only see one of these two, but no human can be so visionary without a major impact on many people in good and bad.

Lot of things is said about her, heres is some listed:

– She makes no apologies and never backs down from what she believes in.

– She loves clothes, fashion, style and glamour, and doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

– And if any one have seen the movie: The Devils Wears Prada.. Well, now you know who the main charectar is based on.

On the one hand, I do admire her steely resolve; there’s NO waffling, and her strength and commitment to her vision, is what makes her a respected famous and infamous editor. I do admire that a woman can set up an “army” and get the world believing in her vision and in the end of the day, no one can complain about the look, the style, the class in Vogue. We all love Vogue and love the edition Vogue Curvy!

On the other hand, that rigidity paired with a narrow view of what “beauty” is, means that she’s completely unapologetic about things like photoshop and the wave of skinny models that she started, and therefore one of the main actors, if not thé character to outplay the scene of size0 models and the skinnier the better. No skinny was skinny enough.. And we all know it went out of control, not just inside the world of fashion, but also in the society, where less and less women couldn’t identify with the look or beauty ideal, because the look that was needed to be fashionable or get inspired, was and still is for most human beings not an realistic everyday to live in.

Skærmbillede 2014-01-04 kl. 16.21.42

Somewhat it feels like it was a “rebellious” way to stigmatize and maintain her vision throughout her power. I really don´t think or at least hope it wasn´t her intention, that models should develop severe eating disorders, or models should die on the runway or put a hole world in a box of what beauty is and the goal is reached when your organs stops.

Identifying with fashion, to visualize and feeling it is big component for loving fashion. In the context of Anna Wintour, and she is a very petit and a small woman with less curves, well it make sense that she created a world of fashion in were she can identify and find her creative inspiration. But for women with more curves or from size 8, can´t get inspired from a size 0 or size 2 dress, and women from size 8 is not obese and should not be stigmatized as plussize, but they still need to get inspired, find inspiration and last but not least, fit the clothing for the shape women have, and even inspired to loose some weight if needed.

The world is not and will never be the inside of the fashion world, but everybody in the world should get inspired and get the opportunity, to find the beauty from what the industry of fashion and beauty creates. To love fashion, you have to identify with it. No one can love anything that they can´t visiulaize, fit or told that they not are beautiful enough to be a part of. I really don’t think creators of fashion and beauty are in tilted to tell who is or who isn´t qualified to feel or be beautiful, only the opposite.. That´s our work, that´s what we create.. That’s Fashion!

A fresh year, a new beginning.. A new vision! 2014 could be, inspire to satisfy in the name, of beauty and fashion!

Skærmbillede 2014-01-04 kl. 16.44.29 Skærmbillede 2014-01-04 kl. 16.52.45 Skærmbillede 2014-01-04 kl. 16.41.46

#BPSFW – Dreams in bits & pieces ❤️

“A fresh year, a fresh mind, a fresh love or “old” love giving you the ring, of lifelong love on your finger.
We know you have a dream. We know that day, is your princess day. And we know, not one princess has the same dream”
#BPSFW Creative Team

This and the next 4 blogs is bits and pieces, but most of all visuals and pictures of beautiful models and thoughts for the shows at BPSFW in London.

This one is “Dreams to come true”
But if you want it all, feel the inspiration and see the dress of your dreams on the catwalk, you have to be there.
We would love to see you and inspirer you, for your day of your dreams!
You can get your ticket’s here: http://www.bpsfw.com

Enjoy.. And it’s allowed to dream 😍











❤️Merry Christmas❤️ from Peepers Denmark

Merry Christmas fb friends and familie.
Have a wonderful Christmas with your familie and love ones.

And remember between stress and Christmas Shopping, that you are not just doing good, you are doing fantastic and you look fabulous!
Don’t forget to embrace yourself, love your curves and always being fashionable! 😄





And always feel beautiful and proud.


You are not a sketch – You are real and you look good!

Do you remember You Are Not A Sketch campaign from April 2013 ..
The pictures are created by brasilian star models and a modeling agency based in Brasil. They released a graphic new anti-anorexia ad campaign, using photoshop to turn models into life-size fashion illustrations.
The ads, which run with the tag line ‘Say no to anorexia,’ show a fashion illustration with typically exaggerated proportions next to a model wearing the same outfit – and the same measurements.
While the models have been airbrushed to mimic the unrealistic illustrations, the ad pleads to young women: ‘You are not a sketch’.

The message is clear: Say no to anorexia and eating disorders by the influence of the fashion Industry. This is not the first anti-anorexia public service announcement to use shocking images to convey its message, we can only hope it’s one of the last to provent girls and woman to get sick or feeling bad about themselves, because of the influence of what the world of creativity and fashion create.

What we should do and not forget is, the best figure in 1930’ies.
Vintage article reveals movie stars’ ideal body shape was ‘warmly curved’ and ‘roundly turned’. And that’s the point in all this.. Women are warmly curved and roundly turned, in many shapes and in many ways, and if a woman have a trademark, that must be it. Shouldn’t the illustratons reflect this trademark?!

In Peepers we believe that fashion is and will always be “inspiration to satisfy” and we simply can’t divide fashion and beauty into dont’s, and only show very thin (beautiful) models who is so far from reality, not for some but for most.

Fashion is not “just” making a stunning collection or create the “signs” for a new trend, fashion is a business of development, were creativity is one of the means to achieve the goal, so new creations can see the light of the day to satisfy the costumer.
Fashion should be a development with no beauty and body illusions.

That’s why we love what we do and being apart of the development in fashion, because we know that nothing is static and nothing is going to change until models who are not only size0 thin, are hired and photographed in fashion and beauty magazines and fashion shows.


Fashion and size has nothing in common. If you want to give yourself a perfect – me – time of fashion, beauty and loaded with inspiration, you should visit this weekend.

Size and fashion has nothing in common. The size issue came in the 90’ies, invented by Karl Lagerfeld among others.
The same time, they also invented:

Women over size 42 can’t be fashionable.
Women from size 6 is categorized plussize.
Most women can’t identify with fashion
Women is feeling not left out, but frustrated not being able to get inspired, feel or look their best. All the time, everyday.
Young girls are getting sick in more than one way, but one of them is eating disorders.
The human “evolution does, woman is getting taller and therefore bigger, and yet the models are getting thinner.
And in some way, the fashion Industry mark themsleves by saying: We are not creative enough to design or style womanly bodies and that’s why we can’t quite respect you.

I could go on, but I won’t.. It’s not worth the time. For years now, I have been working with models in all sizes, and find it so inspiring working with models that are young women and with shapes like a woman. Models that are 18+ and models that really want’s to inspirer and inspiring millions of woman and young girls everyday.

And what give you and what we show you is:
You are fashionable, and it dosent matter what kind of shape you are.
Women can identify with the models shape and therefore the look or style.
Women and young girls will get inspired in a healthy way, in how they look and feel with their own bodies.
Less young woman will get because of a heatlthy impact from curvy models, and not only skinny models, all in the age of, 15 – 16 and size 2 or 4.
And accept and love their beauty, and learn that the body is changing and body love instead of body hate.
That fashion is created for them and inspiration for them.

We can all agree that healthy living is important, we all want’s to get the most out of life, also in the world of fashion and beauty. And women are born with shapes, that’s one of the things of a womans beauty.. Their shapes, and no one can do anything about it, they will come, in many ways!

In feb. 2014 are Peepers Denmark going to London and do the fashionshows at British Plussize Fashion weekend. We are looking so much forward to do shows with models from different contries, they come from all over Europe and the States.
If you want to give yourself a perfect me time of fashion, beauty and loaded with inspiration, you should visit this weekend.
British Plussize Fashion Weekend facebook


I love the work I do, I get inspired and are thrilled everytime I see a new model or designer that fullfill a womans need, so you can get inspired, so you can look your best and feel your best, everyday to every occasion.

See, that’s very much healthy and healthy lifestyle, and has nothing to do with size!


Du er ikke en skitse, siger vores kollegaer i brasilien. Skitsen har brug for en om skitsering..

Changes is needed! Let’s make them..


Første gang jeg så disse billeder, var en del måneder tilbage, i  en Hollandsk artikel. Men billederne florere stadig på de sociale medier, og jeg mener også at emnet stadig er lige relevant som da jeg så billederne første gang.

Billederne og kampagnen stammer fra et Brasiliansk modelbureau, der har udgivet en ny grafisk anti-anoreksi annoncekampagne, og ved hjælp af Photoshop fået modellerne til at ligne life-size mode illustrationer.

Ganske simpelt går deres kampagne ud på at vise, hvordan en model ser ud med de samme tøj – og de samme målinger som illutration.

Det skal dog nævnes at disse modeller er retoucheret for at ligne illustrationerne, og med en tekst som siger: Du er ikke en skitse!


Jeg vidste ikke lige hvordan jeg skulle forholde mig til artiklen, fordi en ting er at vi ikke bryder os om den tendens af meget tynde modeller, som modeverdenen har kreeret de…

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Copenhagen world of fashion welcomes Terry Richardson and if you are interested in fashion, photography, models and celebrity life, then you know about Terry Richardson.


Terry Richardson in all his “glory”. A man who is not afraid to get naked and ask the models to do the same.

He is a photographer who is very well known for his pictures but also his lifestyle. He is known for his sexually provocative photography. He has shot campaigns for big designers such as Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and YSL, as well clothing lines like Aldo, Diesel and Diane Von Furstenberg. He’s also shot editorials for Rolling Stone, GQ, Vogue and Vanity Fair, but fashion isn’t all he does. He has also shot shoots with many celebrities, one of the latest one being Miley cyrus who’s music video he also directed. So there is no doubt that his name is well established and known, and that’s the bright side of the coin.


Miley posing for Terry Richardson

Nonetheless It’s worth noting that Richardson’s career has also been plagued by accusations of sexual abuse from young models whom have posed for him.. This is the downside of fame, the things that happens behind closed doors, and the sights that “no one” believes, the things you “don’t hear about” or simply just look the other way when mentioned.

Should we even talk about this, many would probably say no, and say it has nothing to do with fashion, the creativity and the art in the pictures, but thinking about that new faces in Denmark and all over the world is 15, 16, 17 years old, and they soon will have their first experience with international world of fashion, in that light I would say the topic is relevant, even more than ever.

I am a big T. Richardson fan myself, and I will give all T. Richardson fans right, this topic has nothing to do with Terry Richardson’s skills behind the camera, but in the end of the day, he need to stop himself of taking advantage of young girls. Find the respect for his incredible work and the young models that he work with, and being famous for what he do instead of being infamous for his reckless and stupid alter ego behavior.

As long there is humans, there will be vanity. And no doubt that fashion takes first place on the vanity scale! The fashion Industry is the big bowl filled with beauty and all the things that we as humans are drawn to in the name of vanity, some less some more. But one thing is sure and that is, almost all young girls do not just get inspiration, they eat the whole look raw for breakfast. They get the urge to look like the models on the pictures, not just the style, but look. They strive to live the life as the popular girl that they see in the magazines, reality programs, they imagine that every day ,imagine the popular boyfriend, imagine the lifestyle, without thinking about if there is any downside in this “life of glamour”. They rarely stop to think about the cost of fame and if this glam life is reality.

We need to take care of each other, and we need to work to gain the respect the models needs and deserves. And not just close our eyes, for the reality we don’t want to think about, “just” because the person in front of you is famous!

Writer and former model Jamie Peck, who knows too well about Terry Richardson and his way of “fun” in the studio and during shooting..


Link: http://jezebel.com/5494634/meet-terry-richardson-the-worlds-most-fked-up-fashion-photographer Article with Jamie Peck, were she tells in details the situation she was in, with “uncle” Terry.


Just to note.. Terry Richardson is not only one with the habit of not seeing the fine line, of not having sex with young models. He is probably just one of the most famous of them all.