Copenhagen world of fashion welcomes Terry Richardson and if you are interested in fashion, photography, models and celebrity life, then you know about Terry Richardson.


Terry Richardson in all his “glory”. A man who is not afraid to get naked and ask the models to do the same.

He is a photographer who is very well known for his pictures but also his lifestyle. He is known for his sexually provocative photography. He has shot campaigns for big designers such as Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and YSL, as well clothing lines like Aldo, Diesel and Diane Von Furstenberg. He’s also shot editorials for Rolling Stone, GQ, Vogue and Vanity Fair, but fashion isn’t all he does. He has also shot shoots with many celebrities, one of the latest one being Miley cyrus who’s music video he also directed. So there is no doubt that his name is well established and known, and that’s the bright side of the coin.


Miley posing for Terry Richardson

Nonetheless It’s worth noting that Richardson’s career has also been plagued by accusations of sexual abuse from young models whom have posed for him.. This is the downside of fame, the things that happens behind closed doors, and the sights that “no one” believes, the things you “don’t hear about” or simply just look the other way when mentioned.

Should we even talk about this, many would probably say no, and say it has nothing to do with fashion, the creativity and the art in the pictures, but thinking about that new faces in Denmark and all over the world is 15, 16, 17 years old, and they soon will have their first experience with international world of fashion, in that light I would say the topic is relevant, even more than ever.

I am a big T. Richardson fan myself, and I will give all T. Richardson fans right, this topic has nothing to do with Terry Richardson’s skills behind the camera, but in the end of the day, he need to stop himself of taking advantage of young girls. Find the respect for his incredible work and the young models that he work with, and being famous for what he do instead of being infamous for his reckless and stupid alter ego behavior.

As long there is humans, there will be vanity. And no doubt that fashion takes first place on the vanity scale! The fashion Industry is the big bowl filled with beauty and all the things that we as humans are drawn to in the name of vanity, some less some more. But one thing is sure and that is, almost all young girls do not just get inspiration, they eat the whole look raw for breakfast. They get the urge to look like the models on the pictures, not just the style, but look. They strive to live the life as the popular girl that they see in the magazines, reality programs, they imagine that every day ,imagine the popular boyfriend, imagine the lifestyle, without thinking about if there is any downside in this “life of glamour”. They rarely stop to think about the cost of fame and if this glam life is reality.

We need to take care of each other, and we need to work to gain the respect the models needs and deserves. And not just close our eyes, for the reality we don’t want to think about, “just” because the person in front of you is famous!

Writer and former model Jamie Peck, who knows too well about Terry Richardson and his way of “fun” in the studio and during shooting..


Link: Article with Jamie Peck, were she tells in details the situation she was in, with “uncle” Terry.


Just to note.. Terry Richardson is not only one with the habit of not seeing the fine line, of not having sex with young models. He is probably just one of the most famous of them all.


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