Fashion and size has nothing in common. If you want to give yourself a perfect – me – time of fashion, beauty and loaded with inspiration, you should visit this weekend.

Size and fashion has nothing in common. The size issue came in the 90’ies, invented by Karl Lagerfeld among others.
The same time, they also invented:

Women over size 42 can’t be fashionable.
Women from size 6 is categorized plussize.
Most women can’t identify with fashion
Women is feeling not left out, but frustrated not being able to get inspired, feel or look their best. All the time, everyday.
Young girls are getting sick in more than one way, but one of them is eating disorders.
The human “evolution does, woman is getting taller and therefore bigger, and yet the models are getting thinner.
And in some way, the fashion Industry mark themsleves by saying: We are not creative enough to design or style womanly bodies and that’s why we can’t quite respect you.

I could go on, but I won’t.. It’s not worth the time. For years now, I have been working with models in all sizes, and find it so inspiring working with models that are young women and with shapes like a woman. Models that are 18+ and models that really want’s to inspirer and inspiring millions of woman and young girls everyday.

And what give you and what we show you is:
You are fashionable, and it dosent matter what kind of shape you are.
Women can identify with the models shape and therefore the look or style.
Women and young girls will get inspired in a healthy way, in how they look and feel with their own bodies.
Less young woman will get because of a heatlthy impact from curvy models, and not only skinny models, all in the age of, 15 – 16 and size 2 or 4.
And accept and love their beauty, and learn that the body is changing and body love instead of body hate.
That fashion is created for them and inspiration for them.

We can all agree that healthy living is important, we all want’s to get the most out of life, also in the world of fashion and beauty. And women are born with shapes, that’s one of the things of a womans beauty.. Their shapes, and no one can do anything about it, they will come, in many ways!

In feb. 2014 are Peepers Denmark going to London and do the fashionshows at British Plussize Fashion weekend. We are looking so much forward to do shows with models from different contries, they come from all over Europe and the States.
If you want to give yourself a perfect me time of fashion, beauty and loaded with inspiration, you should visit this weekend.
British Plussize Fashion Weekend facebook


I love the work I do, I get inspired and are thrilled everytime I see a new model or designer that fullfill a womans need, so you can get inspired, so you can look your best and feel your best, everyday to every occasion.

See, that’s very much healthy and healthy lifestyle, and has nothing to do with size!



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