Its saturday and I’m sitting in my kitchen with my weekend coffee and listening to the music that we are going to play in the fashion shows in London feb. 2014 at BPSFW. In my listening I do some thoughts about how situations, visions and words form certain persons, can have so much influence and impact. Today it leads to one of the most, if not thé most powerful woman inside the world of fashion.. Anna Wintour!

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is one visionary woman, who is dedicated in a way you only can admire and yet some would so “harshly” say, that she came off as a shrewd businesswoman who knows her stuff. And if you stand in the box with no opinion and in the box of moral absolutism, you will only see one of these two, but no human can be so visionary without a major impact on many people in good and bad.

Lot of things is said about her, heres is some listed:

– She makes no apologies and never backs down from what she believes in.

– She loves clothes, fashion, style and glamour, and doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

– And if any one have seen the movie: The Devils Wears Prada.. Well, now you know who the main charectar is based on.

On the one hand, I do admire her steely resolve; there’s NO waffling, and her strength and commitment to her vision, is what makes her a respected famous and infamous editor. I do admire that a woman can set up an “army” and get the world believing in her vision and in the end of the day, no one can complain about the look, the style, the class in Vogue. We all love Vogue and love the edition Vogue Curvy!

On the other hand, that rigidity paired with a narrow view of what “beauty” is, means that she’s completely unapologetic about things like photoshop and the wave of skinny models that she started, and therefore one of the main actors, if not thé character to outplay the scene of size0 models and the skinnier the better. No skinny was skinny enough.. And we all know it went out of control, not just inside the world of fashion, but also in the society, where less and less women couldn’t identify with the look or beauty ideal, because the look that was needed to be fashionable or get inspired, was and still is for most human beings not an realistic everyday to live in.

Skærmbillede 2014-01-04 kl. 16.21.42

Somewhat it feels like it was a “rebellious” way to stigmatize and maintain her vision throughout her power. I really don´t think or at least hope it wasn´t her intention, that models should develop severe eating disorders, or models should die on the runway or put a hole world in a box of what beauty is and the goal is reached when your organs stops.

Identifying with fashion, to visualize and feeling it is big component for loving fashion. In the context of Anna Wintour, and she is a very petit and a small woman with less curves, well it make sense that she created a world of fashion in were she can identify and find her creative inspiration. But for women with more curves or from size 8, can´t get inspired from a size 0 or size 2 dress, and women from size 8 is not obese and should not be stigmatized as plussize, but they still need to get inspired, find inspiration and last but not least, fit the clothing for the shape women have, and even inspired to loose some weight if needed.

The world is not and will never be the inside of the fashion world, but everybody in the world should get inspired and get the opportunity, to find the beauty from what the industry of fashion and beauty creates. To love fashion, you have to identify with it. No one can love anything that they can´t visiulaize, fit or told that they not are beautiful enough to be a part of. I really don’t think creators of fashion and beauty are in tilted to tell who is or who isn´t qualified to feel or be beautiful, only the opposite.. That´s our work, that´s what we create.. That’s Fashion!

A fresh year, a new beginning.. A new vision! 2014 could be, inspire to satisfy in the name, of beauty and fashion!

Skærmbillede 2014-01-04 kl. 16.44.29 Skærmbillede 2014-01-04 kl. 16.52.45 Skærmbillede 2014-01-04 kl. 16.41.46


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