Models – The sweet “child”, that got one name too many!

Plussize models, curvy models or simply just models.
Listed is some of the model “categorize”, and I really do understand if some get a bit confused..

– Skinny model

– Plus size model

– Curvy model

– Inbetweenie model

I mean:
A policeman is a policeman

A makeup artist is a makeup artist

A banker is a banker

And a model is a model!

I have never heard about a plus size police officer or a skinny makeup artist, nor have I heard about the curvy banker..


I believe we all can see that some models got curves and some don´t have that many, but models is not just a product for the industry to “use” or a way to manifest creativity.. A models work is much more and have a major impact on the society, especially teenagers and young women. The more impact a model have in her beauty and fashion, she do the job she’s suppose to.
We can deny that fact or finally accept that’s how it is – It’s simpel!


What we do inside the fashionworld, so everybody get the oppertunity to feel beautiful and be fashionable is our profession, and at Peepers Denmark we believe in a healthier fashion industry, and we believe that healthy has many sizes and shapes. Healthy is not something you can measure up just like that, but something you can see and feel. Being healthy is a lifestyle, and not a size, being healthy is a decision and not a decision for us to make, but inspirer you to do so, if you feel it’s needed!
But being a woman and curvy is really not a lifestyle or something you choose – It comes from nature itself. Women are born to get curves!

So new mindset and the opportunity to see a fashion world with colors, shapes, healthyere, with no bounderies in beauty and fashion. With an fashionindustry that want’s to show and inspirer, instead of putting people into boxes with labels like: Skinny, semi fat or fat.

One day, it´s going to be what we wish for and work so hard for. A fashionindustry with “just” models and a industry with a positive impact, a healthy impact without any labels in what beauty is and who fashion is for.

Thank you models, for “fighting”, we are proud working with you!!



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