My life then, today and tomorrow. Take a deep breath, a cup of coffe and a break. – Welcome to my journey in life, reasons and lessons!


Lately I have been trough alot. Once more I had to believe in my inner strengh, believe in the lessons that I have been tought in Kriya Yoga since my early youth.

My journey in life have been amazing and thinking about what one lost child could survived under circumstances that few would survive. Without knowing why, I decided to do so from an early age in life.. Survive!

As once a lost child, did I struggled through life and there was some ekstentielle things I simply couldn’t understand or could believe. One Of them was – The value of the human. It seemed and felt like everything were more worthy than the human self, it seemed that material achievements are the weight and value of how much one can love or show respect.

Maybe it’s because of my start in life, maybe it’s because I have felt things, you don’t want to imagine, maybe it’s because I have experienced things from the age of 3 that no one should go through.
My mother left me on a bench, with the words, which I still can hear her say: Wait here, I come back.. She didn’t!
At age 4, survived the life in the streets in Korea, as a colored child. Maybe it’s because I was almost found dead.. but I survived and came to an orphanage in Korea.
Maybe it’s because I was adopted to Denmark and didn’t live up to my new parents’ expectations, and was send away to another orphanage, now in Denmark. This is in the 70’ies, and I was left once again to myself, just in a new country where I couldn’t understand or speak the language. Once more I was adopted.. I left that home the age of 14, and moved alone to Copenhagen, and where I’ve been ever since!

The practical things was easy, going to school, finding a job.. All the things to create a home and adapt to society. But something was missing.. Living and the meaning of it, I had a lot to learn about heeling and life. I didn’t turn to Kriya Yoga, it literally found me, on the sidewalk downtown Copenhagen.
And this is here my life began, at 15 years old.

Kriya Yoga Pranayama, Hinduism and the real world, Samsara.
Kriya Yoga is all about consciousness, heeling oneself and others in words and in actions. It’s about believing in your own good and your spirit as one divine action in form of consciousness. It’s about breathing and be in your own existence, without letting reality out. That’s what we call samsara..

One thing I had to learn was that I was a human, and not the peaceful life with Kriya. I could forget on and of through the years, that not everybody lived with the same mindset or lifestyle as myself. I got hurt over and over again, and the more I learned about people, I began to mistrust people more and their intention when they approached me.
I saw myself get angry, mad and almost evil at times, I saw “faces” of myself that I couldn’t believe that I had in me.. After all these years with Kriya Yoga, I knew that I have reached that level of clear consiusness, where I could place my energy in different places just trough my state of mind. I saw myself being human and I saw myself react, in a way that was not balanced and in a way that somehow scared me.

I talked to my swami and what he told me scared me even more..
He said: This is great, now you are going to show yourself that you can master your inner balance. Let go!!

Welcome your fear..
Let go.. That was one of my first lessons in Kriya Yoga.. Let go and breath! The lesson that is never forgotten if you want to be able to master the technic of meditating.

Let go, he said.. Use what you have learned, don’t be scared! Be in your pain, it’s the place you need to be in, you need to let go, let go so you feel your pain, your anger, your frustration. Let go and accept your anger so you can see and feel the pain clearly. You have to see it, you have to see what is hurting you and where you are bleeding, first then will you understand why you are bleeding. Let go and welcome your fear.

And so I did!

In my searching of finding my bleeding points, one thing especially made me cry, this was an absolute bleeding point!

As a lost child I struggled through life and couldn’t understand or believe that almost everything seemed more worthy than the human self, instead what the human achieved. That kind of love showed me and gave me things to prove otherwise, or at least give it an honest try.
It seems that there are so many restrictions, just to love and practice the blessing of giving!
Sometimes it feels like, that there is more receivers, than givers, and the receivers only receive.. And to top it of, a receiver can actually get mad at you, if they don’t feel what are given to them is not enough.. Without shame in their souls..

Another thing I always will remember and a thing that is definitely hard for me to understand and cope with, is how people treat each other.
How can one lie, without a blink with the eyes?!
Why people assume, if I don’t hear anything from a person, this person is screwing me, instead of being worried and think if something is wrong, is this person hurting?
How can you love one day and hate the next?
Why is it that hard to forgive.. Not saying it, but actually do it?
Why do people say they do, but in their actions they say: I can’t!!
Why is it people are searching for soul heeling, and readong soul qoutes of Buddha or heard about Shiva. Visiting Goa and suddenly they have found their own inner peace, on the beach and worst of all – preaching about their new Buddha life of one love, just to forget it and be betrayed so oneself won’t get hurt! And that’s also a lie, because both you and I know, that one who is hurting are hurting badly themselves..

Why is it, if you are a believer and believe, practiced the ancient mantras with a daily mindset that believe, is less truthful, than the human who found their soul or spirit on a beach in India, overnight.. What is that, a kind of an illusion?

It took me almost 3 decades to learn these lessons, in the “world” of Samsara and could first learn it fulfilled when I was ready.

I had to let go.. Of me! I had to be in that place of chaos where I had to make up with myself. I had to be in that state of mind, to gain one of the big pieces which are developing, the soul that fully believe and trust even the untrustful, in the actions around me and be in the state of consciousness that are needed.

I was ready when 2 people that I trusted and loved died, when my son became a teenager, when I started to outlive my dream and organize Peepers Denmark and drained myself in a way I had never felt before. When I got sick and survived, When I had an abortion and I lost my child and went into a depression that I denied for months, when my relationship shattered like fragile glass, between us.. I was ready then to let go, to loose myself, trust myself, to confront myself. I was ready to take my next existential step in my consciousness and I was ready for soul healing.

Got lost, only to find home!
To find out that losing one self is actually exactly the feelings you feel, when you are lost. I had to go to the place that I feared the most.. Getting lost! That’s how my life started that day, on that bench in Korea, and a place I never would go again.. Getting lost!

I thought finding peace with my past and accept the pain was enough.. It rarely isn’t.. And be true to that and be true to oneself is painful beyond the pain you are feeling.
To Stand naked and fragile in my own weakness and loss of strength, just to start my most dangerous journey in my life.. The path of pain, sadness and fear, without getting lost!

That’s why I have been absent the last months and why I’m now reaching out to you. I had to regain my strength, go back to my “roots” and practice the meditation of Kriya.

I’m still here and I’m are back. Not on fulltime, I will do some other things too, that are very most related to peepers Concept. Peepers will be back in a new form, with same core values.

Thank you for your trust, patience and love!

A little about Kriya Yoga and how it “Works
You need to direct your mind to think of nothing but your soul, and then concentrate on each exhalation and inhalation.

Through The spiritual evolution, one becomes free from the torture of passion, anger and greed.

The principles of Kriya Yoga, are not the formula of a sectarian rite, but a science through the application of which the individual may realize how his soul descended into the body and became identified with the senses, and how that soul may be withdrawn from the senses and reunited with Spirit by a scientific method of meditation. This route of descent and ascension is the one universal path that every soul must travel.

A devotee’s life in Kriya is never all roses and honey. For many latent desires of the past remain buried in the spinal region ready to spring forth when conditions are right. These tendencies must be burned in the “fire” of meditation. The condition which is revolved around the spine while practicing Kriya is so intense that it literally bakes the seeds of karma. So if you practice Kriya regularly, and with ever-increasing devotion, you will reach the goal in the end.

Mica Oh



Are you ready to be co-designer on Designer Nancy Herkul´s new collection.

We have heard a lot and we have heard many excuses for why curvy fashion (plus size) shouldn´t, couldn’t or wouldn´t be a part of “fashion” ever.. And none of the answers maked sense, and yet it still seemed like a fight or struggle.

So I decided not to ask anymore or look the way where designs for woman is not accepted, but instead set my focus on fashion for woman and fashion that strive for a healthy human agenda.

No one made fashion shows for curvy woman, no one did fashion shows with models in diversity, no one appealed to woman.. So I did and for 2 years I have worked for Curvy Fashion in Denmark, in witch for me is appealing to a healthyére and more identifying fashion industry, and therefore more inspiring for the consumer and challenging for the fashion industry.

“I am disapproved on fashion designers’ lack of interest in plus-size fashion.” Tim Gunn (Project Runway & fashion mentor)


So where are the designers that listen to the consumer, who dare´s to take up the challenge to make the consumer satisfied in their need, in and for fashion. Beauty is only skin deep, they say.. And yet it´s fashion that “creates” people. Not one I know is in that state of mind where they don´t care at all, some care much some care less, but all of them care! Care about how they look, were to find the dress that embrace their curves, the look that make them feel good, even a new view on oneself.

Skin deep.. Well, I will say “it´s deeper than skinny” and much more identifying with the consumer, healthyére and fashion that make sense, all way around!

 “And frankly, there are two markets: The women who are larger than the 12, and then there are women who are petite.. Most designers that I talk to have absolutely no interest in addressing either of those populations, which I find repugnant.” Timm Gunn (Project Runway & fashion mentor)

PEEPERS DENMARK have found that designer. She is a woman that knows, that have seen, tried and tried once more.. She got her bruises, but she also got guts and she do not only to listen to you as the consumer, she actually make you as her co-designer.

She want´s your inspiration and want´s to hear all of your needs, for one thing is for sure.. No, woman with curves have the same shape, even though you are the same fruit.


So this collection is not just a collection, it´s “your” collection and that´s why we call it – “CC//CONSUMERS COLLECTION” By Nancy Herkul.

Designer Nancy Herkul, have a mission and she lives that well out as a designer. When she was a curvy young woman, she enjoyed the life of sports and active lifestyle, but a back injury should stop that and her curves got curvy´ere, even though she still was eating healthy and active in the way she was able too. And as a curvy woman, she was faced a challenge when she should dress herself fashionable, not just a party line/high end collection, but also everyday.


“At the end of the day, we are also consumers. We buy clothes like everybody else and want´s to look good and feel good. To be creative today, you need to find inspiration in the authentic, real things and situations, you need to think outside the box, and dare to do so.. You need to lift up that butt, see and feel the original in everyday.. And what´s more original than you, ourselves and the reflection of the society?!” CEO/Founder Peepers Denmark, Mica Oh & Designer, Nancy Herkul

CC//Consumers Collection will be a collection that suits woman, not a size but woman and shapes. Designer Nancy Herkul, love simple, basic and colors, so what you will fluant will be a design you wear and not a design that wear´s you.

The way plus-size clothing is displayed in department stores, leaving the pieces with little to be desired. “Go to Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue, I think it’s the eighth floor, and it’s just a department called Woman,’” he says. “It’s rather devastating. You’ve never seen such hideous clothes in your entire life. I mean, it’s simply appalling. Thank God there are no windows on that floor, because if I were a size 18, I’d throw myself right out the window [after seeing those clothes]. It’s insulting what these designers do to these women.” Timm Gunn (Project Runway & fashion mentor)

Nancy Herkul want´s to create – that – collection you think about, when you close your eyes and make a wishful thinking to your imaginary walk-in closet.. And to do that, we need your wishes.

Find us at Facebook  – FASHION IS YOU – and be Designer Nancy Herkul´s co-designer, be creative, tell us and show us what your inspiration is. Be your own designer and inspirer us to inspirer you. Because in our state of mine, FASHION IS YOU!


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Designer Nancy Herkul reveals her “face” and curvy supermodel for her collection in Puerto Rico.

Do you remember I told you, that designer Nancy Herkul would reveal her curvy model for her collection and photoshoot in Puerto Rico, the Island the designer herself call for Paradise.


Designer Nancy Herkul has just now revealed, the Curvy Model that she will use for her Caribbean photoshoot in Puerto Rico.

And we at PEEPERS DENMARK are so happy to announce, that it is one of our Curvy Supermodels, Ana Garcia that Nancy Herkul chose for her collection to show in Puerto Rico and Caribbean Islands.

We well understand why her eyes saw and fell in love with Curvy Supermodel Ana Garcia,  because there is no doubt that model Ana Garcia is a woman who is proud of her curves, who has self confidence, style and also unique beauty.


Nancy Herkul will be doing  some projects with Peepers Denmark, Curvy Supermodel Ana Garcia in the near future, and we will keep you posted and updated on that.

Congratulations to our Curvy Supermodel Ana Garcia, and the talented designer Nancy Herkul for the perfect match.

Designer Nancy Herkul is going to “shoot” her collection in – Paradise – Puerto Rico

Have you heard about designer, Nancy Herkul from Rotterdam.


If not, you should read this..

She is one of the designers from FFFW in New York this year, and she have set her mind on one thing.. Design clothing to woman, in all ages and shapes, no doubt that the curvy element is strong and Nancy Herkul understands the shape of a woman.

Her designs are a strong (As a woman) and fashionable brand which only enhances the femininity and elegance of real women.

In the near future she is planning a shoot in the beautiful Island of  Puerto Rico. She have always dreamed of a Caribbean shoot and choose the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico, which she has named Paradise because of  its beautiful locations.


So what do Nancy Herkul really want.. She want to show women all over the world, that her brand stands for self-confidence, style and feeling good about oneself.

As well as we look forward to see the model that she is going to use in Puerto Rico, witch she will reveal very soon, we also look forward to see Nancy Herkul Design in Denmark and here at Peepers Denmark.

Elsker Arganolie.. Elsker det!

Jeg har testet et produkt som jeg egentlig godt vidste at jeg ville elske, jeg vidste bare ikke hvor meget.

Ja, jeg ved godt at jeg virkelig roser produktet jeg skal til at fortælle lidt om, men der er ikke noget bedre for mig, når jeg kan mærke naturen virke på egen krop.


Arganolie hedder det nye vidunder i skabet og vi har modtaget vores fra og udover prisen som er billig så har du et produkt som du vil sværge til.

Jeg bruger min olie efter bad, inden jeg har tørret mig. Og jeg bruger den over hele kroppen også ansigt, og en gang hver 14éndes dag, får håret også.

Resultat: Blødere og en hud der ikke tørrer ind, hvor du kan have behov for lige at bruge lidt lotion på hænder eller fødder i løbet af dagen.

Under armene – Der er ikke en snert af sved lugt. Når jeg har tørt mig bruger jeg min antiperspirant, måske af vane men da jeg glemte det på en af de mest travle dage under modeugen, kan det kun være brugen af Arganolie der gjorde at jeg slet ikke lugtede overhovedet, for der var i den grad stress.

Og sidst men ikke mindst.. Appelsinhuden bliver der mindre af! Huden bliver mere jævn og forskellen ses.

Og nej alle de her resultater sker ikke over night, det sker ved vedvarende brug og tålmodighed. Naturen er ikke skaberen af kemiske produkter som laver magi over night, naturen er skaberen af hvad din krop ved hvad er godt for dig, og med lidt tålmodighed opnår du resultater hvor du i sidste ende også har samvittigheden på det rene.. 😉

Yes, jeg er fan og klart en vinder og MUST HAVE hvis du spørger mig!



I nogle uger kan du læse om Peepers blogger og hendes oplevelser med Arganolien.

Why do we call the campaign Curvy Supermodels?!

Curvy Supermodels – Love MY body • Love your body

Why do we do this campaign and why do we call the campaign Curvy Supermodels?!
Because you deserve it, I deserve it – We deserve it! Once it was accepted, accepted that models and you looked like a woman, walked like a woman and talked like a woman. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your curves og shape, you were actually proud of them. The magazines showed and represented women and models with curves and older than a teenager in her best age.

Just for the record in our world, Peepers world we don’t speak for a non skinny fashion, we speak for healthy and identifying curvy fashion and that also include less curvy models and fashion as we also see it today.

I don´t want to go politics in this and about the subject, but instead create a new foundation and opportunity for the consumer, an opportunity they might have no idea existed.

We have worked with curvy models and fashion on an national and international basis for 2 years now, and with this campaign we want to promote curvy fashion and show Denmark and Scandinavian women that they are included in the world of fashion, that they can get inspired and get inspiration. And to the young girls, show them that beauty ideals and models are not only one size and one shape and a good face.

There is lot of reasons, but to show it and satisfy the consumer. To meet the consumers´ curiosity and create new ones is one of the reasons.

Enjoy, get inspired, be inspired and feel good about yourself..


Abercrombie & Fitch, seeks popular and thin people!

Did he get want he wanted?

Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries tells his vision on how he see the consumer in his world, in his clothing, in his stores..
I had to read it 3 times to understand it wasn’t a joke.. And yet, even I can still get surprised..

Then I thought.. Maybe It´s some kind of a “sick” marketing strategi, a new or old kind of marketing strategi or just one we don´t know about yet.. Or is it just a man gone plain crasy in his own environment, in his own illusion of a reality?!

You can read his exact words here

And here you can put a face to his words.. And wonder.. Are you one of the popular one´s and are you beautiful enough, to spend your last dollar, so you can feel cool & popular?!..


Have a nice evening, in this glorius world!



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